New Large Animal Facilities


After years of planning and dreaming we are finally getting new cattle working facilities. In addition to our existing chute and alley system, we will be installing a freestanding covered working facility with ample sorting and holding pens. The new facility will be connected to our existing structure through an alley and numerous outdoor pens. We will also be adding an indoor chute for obstetrical cases and routine surgical procedures such as caesarians and displaced abomasum correction.

If you are familiar with our current facilities you will be in for a few changes. Certain cases will still be unloaded at the current unload location, but the majority of cases will be unloaded on the east end of the building through the new pens. We are also changing the way we load cattle back onto the trailer with a couple different options for loading. For some of our larger clientele, you will be pleased to see we will have the ability to load and unload a ground load. Depending on future needs we may also add a pot dock to load and unload pot loads of cattle.

Once the new facilities are completed, we are gutting the old facilities to put in a new alley system and removing one of the existing sorting pens to add a climate controlled calf isolation unit for our hospitalized neonatal calves.

We are looking forward to all the construction in the coming months and getting to finally use our new facilities!

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